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Shed 3 construction taking shape

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Shed 3 construction is starting to take shape with the internal frame fully prepped, painted and prepared for the new exterior walls and roof to go up next week.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers taking shape

The steel work now complete and awaiting the new cladding that will be placed onto the frame, will transform the enormous steel structure back into a building.

Next week will also see the frame of the large canopy erected for the outdoor seating area that will become the beer garden for Hip Hops Brewers when they open later in the year.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers walls going up

This new area is set to be something special with Gianni Asnicar using his stone masonry skills to create a mosaic installation using pavers, recycled bricks and natural stone that will adorn the outdoor floor.

The covered outdoor area, measuring in at 240sqm, will be surrounded by lush gardens, a continuation from Shed 1 and 2 creating a peaceful spot for a beer with friends.

“We’re looking to flow from the original visual design of Shed 1 and 2 and transition into a more rustic look with rough and raw visual aspects.

“Generous outdoor relaxation areas embodied with lots of greenery – the perfect place for people to unwind and have fun,” Gianni said. The paved area will use recycled brick, not just to continue the sustainable principals of the refurbishment but to add balance between the natural and industrial features of The Sheds.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers frame up

The outdoor canopy and seating area will also give the Brewery some prominence from the front coming out as far as 8 meters from The Shed.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers outside complete

The Hip Hops Brewers have released their interior fit out design which will not disappoint with something for everyone and more.

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