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Hip Hops Brewers lead the way in sustainable craft brewing

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Sustainability and brewing beer are a unique balancing act that if done well can reduce the brewery’s carbon footprint without compromising on the quality of beer being produced.

For the craft brewing industry, increasingly sustainability is becoming a key factor as we see climate change affecting all components from farming through to the brewing process.

With sustainability at the forefront of most independent craft brewers, better practices are leading to a greener footprint while increasing efficiencies and protecting the environment.

It’s what the craft beer community want and what community focused breweries value at the centre of their business practices – to be environmental caretakers.

Hip Hops Brewers are exactly this, a community focused brewer with the key goal to bring everyone together while maintaining one of their core values of sustainable brewing practices.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers lead way in sustainable craft brewing

To maintain a green footprint, Hip Hops Brewers are investigating a number of initiatives across their business model, including:

  • a green loop focusing on the reuse of spent grains to feed livestock or for use in production or farming processes

  • installation of a solar system with efficiency monitoring to supplement the power

  • installation of EV chargers to recharge their future electric delivery vehicles and will also be available to brewery customers

  • research studies and intern projects potentially looking at native yeast cultures, CO2 reduction in our manufacturing process and heat transfers for increased energy efficiencies.

On top of this, the repurposing of Shed 3 that will become the brewery later this year, offers sustainable solutions as reuse saves energy wasted in new construction, generates less construction refuse, minimises the need for new materials and the impact on the environment.

The Sheds at Brendale Hip Hops Brewers progress shot

From the building to the beer processing and general operations, Hip Hops Brewers are all about sustainability, even upcycling some Radiata Pine slabs to create industrial chic tables for the interior fit out.

With the inclusion of another landscaped oasis, the previous concrete jungle will be transformed into a generous outdoor relaxation area embodied with lots of greenery and that signature Sheds garden sanctuary.

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