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Landscaping – it’s a family affair

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Rounding the corner, the staggered sleeper guards stand tall enclosing The Sheds precinct and protecting the luscious garden that thrives below it.

The recycled brick pathways bring the old to the new inciting a place that feels known to you, both warm and comfortable. The stone bench seats scattered about entice you to slow down, regroup and enjoy a pause from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The Sheds at Brendale Timber Sleepers

These unique aspects that connect with the buildings, enhance the soft landscaping and create a welcoming space for people to enjoy, do not just happen by accident. They are thoughtfully crafted becoming the backbone of any landscaping endeavour by giving the outdoor space their form and structure.

It’s not surprising then the local specialist behind just that, the backbone and a place that feels like home, is Gianni Asnicar, Landscaper and Owner of Quality Landscape Construction, who prides himself on old-school traditional family values. And it’s these values that are evident in everything he has produced at The Sheds to date.

The Sheds at Brendale timber sleepers and pathway

“The gardens encase and surround The Sheds in a way that makes the structure seem like it’s a part of the natural environment helping to promote that welcoming vibe,” Gianni said.

“The hardscape features add to the gardens to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere where people can escape to from their busy lives.

“Using materials like the recycled bricks were not to just minimize environmental waste but to add to the balance between the natural and rustic aspects of The Sheds,” he said.

Collaboratively working with Landscape Designer Robert Percy, Gianni took the design, added the hardscape components and made the gardens at The Sheds into a reality.

This was by no means an easy feat involving all the stone work, the edging, the rain gardens, the preparation of the beds, digging down a meter in most places, providing soil improver and blending soils to give the plants the best chance of survival.

Then planting more than 1800 plants, vines, flowers, shrubs and trees and finishing off by building the hardscape components including the sleeper fence and sleeper entry to create the oasis it is today.

The Sheds at Brendale Beautiful Landscaping

“In a harsh industrial estate, it is like an oasis. It’s a natural safe haven where people can go to relax and enjoy the surrounding natural environment.

“The elements all work together to create a place where people can slow down and enjoy each other’s company,” he said.

For Gianni, his love of landscaping was passed down by his Italian uncles Duilio and Marco who taught him everything he knows.

This knowledge has kept him in good stead over his 26-year career in landscaping and helped to create some of the most inspired green spaces, like at The Sheds, in Brisbane.

The Sheds at Brendale Beautiful Landscaped Gardens

With the well-established gardens now flourishing, Gianni will move to Shed three where the gardens will again become a feature of the redevelopment.

“We’re looking to flow from the original visual design of Shed one and two and transition into a more rustic look with rough and raw visual aspects.

“Generous outdoor relaxation areas embodied with lots of greenery – the perfect place for people to unwind and have fun,” Gianni said.

The Sheds at Brendale Landscaper Gianni

Construction on shed three is underway with the Brewery opening later in the year.

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