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The dawning of the age of craft beer

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Four ingredients, so many possibilities – the age of craft beer is coming with Hip Hops Brewers joining The Sheds in 2022.

Craft brewing, once considered backyard beer warriors dabbling with home brew kits, is now a thriving industry driven by passionate brewers and more sophisticated beer drinkers looking to try something new.

Hip Hops Brewers Owner Shaun with Adam Gibb Brewer

Hip Hops Brewers are exactly this, a group of passionate beer lovers, business partners and mates with a focus on producing balanced quality local brews with the occasional beer thrown in to challenge your palette.

Adam Gibb, Hip Hops Brewer, has always had a love of beer and his t-shirt collection is testament to this.

“From the age of 18, I developed a love of beer. Beer has always been intertwined with my life,” Adam said.

A love that eventually led to opening White Brick Brewing in North Lakes that despite a swagger of brewing medals and strong community loyalty closed its doors due to Covid lockdowns hitting the startup company hard in June 2020.

What could have signalled the end for Adam’s brewing career was simply the start of a new venture backed by some of Brisbane’s best business minds who also call themselves mates.

One of these, Accountant Shaun Reeves, being a big fan of the White Brick Brews reached out to Adam and with the help of a close-knit group of mates, raised the necessary funds to restart Adam’s dream, creating a new business model and the Hip Hops brand.

“The Hip in Hip Hops is all about being on trend and in the know.

“With the creation of Hopman that I drew up myself, Hip Hops Brewers were born with a new brand, mantra and logo,” Shaun said.

“Our mantra is to brew local beer, getting the best out of all the ingredients so that people not only enjoy good beer – they love it,” Shaun said.

“Sure, there’ll be some creative brews, but we’re also locking in some of Adam’s old favourites such as the White Brick Heritage range.”

Hip Hops Brewers finest craft beers

With the craft beer movement in Brisbane flourishing and a shift from quantity to quality, it’s the perfect time to be brewing and creating dynamic modern beers infusing new and exciting flavours.

We hope to experiment with wild ferments and to collaborate with other regional breweries and producers to bring Brendale quality and balanced brews.

“You may not always notice a bad beer, but you will really appreciate a balanced beer when the malt and hops are in harmony, the flavour dances across your taste buds, the smile on your face has come from your stomach and you can’t help but say ‘life is good’.

“It really is all about the flavour and the search for the right mix of ingredients to bring out the best in each style of beer,” Shaun said.

Hip Hops intend to add a cider to their menu on top of an already growing list of beers including a couple of local collaborations.

“We teamed up with Little Tree Bake and Brew in Samford and created a mid-strength Australian Pale Ale with wild rosella that worked extremely well,” he said.

“Another regional collaboration used Chilli Coffee in a dry Irish Stout and our latest, a Hazy Pale Ale, is a very smooth beer that we’re sure will have wide appeal.

“We want to give each beer a personality, its own artwork and even a playlist that you can enjoy it with.

“You’ll just have to wait till we open and see what surprises we have on tap,” Sha

Finest craft beer brewed onsite at Hip Hops Brewers

When the brewery is up and running later this year, it will be easy to spend a day or night or both with friends sampling beer from the 18 taps in the taproom.

“The Sheds are the perfect spot for a busy brewery but with a relaxing atmosphere and outlook.

“We did a lot of research with the help of the Council to identify the right spot for us.

“For us, it’s about supporting local and our region. Creating a strong inclusive community feel to our brewery was the key motivator behind location and how we will operate,” Shaun said.

“While Brendale has traditionally been very industrial, we believe it is about to come of age as the next emerging entertainment area.

Hip Hops Brewers artist impression

“The taproom, outdoor canopy area and landscaped gardens will make this the perfect place for a drink in the company of family and friends,” Shaun said.

Shed 3 is set to be transformed into the Hip Hops Brewery from 1 March with an opening date coming soon.

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