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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The Sheds at Brendale has some exciting news to share. The Nest is joining us here at The Sheds at Brendale. To say we are excited is an understatement.

Since 2014, The Nest has evolved its philosophy of handmade living and sustainability by sharing this in a home-like environment.

As a grassroots organisation, The Nest Haberdashery has been the key to the success of the business with contributions from volunteers, their leadership structure, and processing systems. The Nest has become the heart and soul of the local community.

This social enterprise connects women through purposeful craft by coming together in a safe and supportive community space for women to share their knowledge and skills to create and produce handmade items using reclaimed resources.

The Nest accepts donations of wonderfully unusual and pre-loved craft, sewing supplies, and standard haberdashery products, sourcing a wide range of recycled goods across the state. The volunteers then sort and repurpose those items producing something unique.

The Nest provides an opportunity for the discerning maker or artisan to produce that unique or unusual item, knowing that they are supporting a worthy social enterprise and contributing to a sustainable society.

The Nest Haberdashery Thrift Shop has saved over 64 tonnes of craft resources from going into landfill.

The income generated by The Nest Haberdashery funds all activities, including The Exchange Project. The Exchange Project is a flagship program designed to connect young women from local schools with volunteers mentoring them to learn handmade living skills and build social connections and friendships.

Social connections and friendships are needed, particularly in today’s society. Many women of all ages feel isolated and lack social connections. Younger girls have recognised the impact that COVID-19, online learning, family instability, unemployment, homelessness and difficulties at school have had on their mental health and emotional well-being.

In the past eight years, The Nest has:

  • Created 332,500 hours of social connection between women

  • Delivered 800 workshops to teach over 4,000 women

  • Over 100 students have participated in The Exchange Project

As The Nest continues to expand, it has outgrown its current space. The Sheds at Brendale is pleased to be the new home for The Nest. We are delighted to support and house a meaningful organisation and look forward to welcoming them soon.

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